Stripe Top Benches (Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom)

Monday / 5 comments
Today I'm sharing how I built these cute little benches for my kid's bedroom.  Of course they came from an easy to follow Ana-White plan.
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Shared Bedroom-Boy and Girl (Building)

Tuesday / 2 comments
My two youngest kids are sharing a room.  I've been hard at work on some projects to make it go together for a boy and a girl but still be personalized.  The first big project was matching headboards.  The headboards are from the Ana White Reclaimed Wood Headboard plan.  

I stained both headboards with two coats of Minwax Walnut (using wood conditioner before) followed by 5 coats of polycrylic.  

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Doll Barn {Building}

Thursday / 3 comments

I'm SO excited to show you today's project!  One of my favorite things to do as a little girl was visit my Grandma's house.  My Grandma is super creative and would spend hours with me making doll houses out of cardboard, fabric and her glue gun.  So making a doll barn made me totally nostalgic and excited to spend time with my little girl playing with dolls.  My daughter is four and loves to play with dolls but she really loves playing with the doll horses so I thought it would be fun to build her a house that her horses and dolls could live together.

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Cubby Base {Building}

Tuesday / 3 comments
Happy December!!  Have you done your holiday decorating?  Do you want to hear a shameful true blogger confession?  I haven't done any decorating.  In fact my porch still has Thanksgiving pumpkins on display! My husband and I have been too busy working on some fun gift projects! Starting with this new plan today.  A little cubby base from Ana White.  Perfect height for my daughter to play with her present.  Which is also another plan that I will show you on Thursday.
Any ideas of what it could be?

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First Aid Cabinet {Organizing}


Hi friends!  Today I have a simple organizing project.  Our guest half bath is right off the garage so we store the first aid supplies in there.  When we moved in I just shoved all the stuff in the cupboard and then let the kids dig through it when they needed a bandaid.  It was a huge mess.

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Organizing the Kid's Bathroom {Apartment Guide}

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Ana White DIY Desk {Dinosaur Boys Bedroom}

Hi friends!  I hope you are having a wonderful week.  I am so excited to show you the new desk I built for my son's bedroom using some new Ana White plans.  The awesome thing about this desk is that it is just a few 2x4s and some 2x6s and cost less than $20 in lumber!!

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Ana White-The Handbuilt Home

Monday / 1 comment
I'm so excited!  Today is the day that Ana White's new book The Handbuilt Home comes out!

The Handbuilt Home: 34 Simple Stylish and Budget-Friendly Woodworking Projects for Every Room

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DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Calendar {Building}

Wednesday / 3 comments
This is the first year I've had all my kids in school!  My youngest just started preschool a few days a week so I'm determined to become a more organized person.  Starting with our family schedules and calendar.  I've always struggled with the keeping a family calendar.  When I have a paper calendar I am afraid to write stuff down because I don't want the paper messed up if plans change.  This is especially true for things like workouts or menus that are constantly skipped...or changed before dinner.  I tried a dry erase calendar but many times the carefully written schedule "accidentally" gets erased by a preschooler so they can do more important things like color.

So I decided to build my own calendar that met all my picky expectations.  I am loving it because it's a chalkboard and I love chalkboards. Plus the calendar is magnetic and the spaces are a big 4"x4" giving lots of room to fit in all the activities of a busy family.

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Hanging Decorations above Beds

Friday / Leave a Comment
I found some soccer art for my tween son's bedroom.   I bought it on Etsy and it has a rustic look but is printed on metallic paper.  He is obsessed with skateboarding and soccer so I thought it would be perfect.  When I hung it up I realized that now I have something hanging above all the beds in the house.

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Halloween Candle Tray {Scrapbooking Attitude}

Sunday / 5 comments
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I think because it's my Grandma's favorite holiday and she goes ALL out.  When I was growing up she would have the most elaborate Halloween parties every year with amazing decorations.  At the end of the party my Great Grandma would hand out GIANT popcorn balls that she handmade.  Delicious.  So I'm totally blaming my Grandma that I could only wait until the beginning of September to start pulling out the Halloween decor!  This year I have a new addition to my decor.  A Halloween candle tray made with a new product called Scrapbooking Attitude.

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Decorating with Antique Door Knobs

Wednesday / 5 comments
Remember E's bedroom that I've been slowly working on for forever?  It will probably be all finished the week we have to move again!

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Ana White: The Handbuilt Home

Tuesday / 5 comments
I'm so excited today! For two reasons.

One: My boys all went back to school today! Love having them home all summer but sheesh they were so bored the last week or two. I think we were all sick of summer (or maybe just me the Mom? LOL).

Two: My friend Ana White wrote a totally awesome book called The Handbuilt Home! The book has 34 furniture plans.

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DIY Nickel Tray

Friday / 4 comments
Hi friends!  Are your kids back at school?  Mine start Monday so I've been crazy busy running all over town trying to get all their supplies.  As well as replace all the pants and shoes that are too small!  I'm excited to have a few hours a day to get things in my house more organized.  Because after summer it's a MESS!!

I started out in my messy bedroom with some storage for my nightstand.  I totally have a container addiction.  Bins, buckets, baskets and trays.  I'm always optimistic that having more containers will magically make me more organized!  So today I'm sharing my love of trays with you and have a tutorial on how to make a tray out of nickels!

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Chore Charts

Tuesday / 1 comment
Are you excited for your kids to get back to school?  I love fall because I am a schedule/routine person and love the routine school brings.  Preparing for our school schedules I've been working on getting my kids back into the routine of chores.  I want my kids to develop good cleaning habits and avoid the frustration when they don't know exactly how to clean a room.  So I made a free how to printable on how to clean a few different rooms in the house!

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Princess Mirror with DecoArt Glass Paint

Monday / 10 comments
Have you found anything great at yard sales this summer?  My daughter is obsessed with all things princess and dress up and I found the perfect mirror for her dress up corner.  It was only $5!  I even have a little tutorial to show you how I made the cute little crown with some of DecoArt's new glass paint!
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