Ruffled Curtains

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I'm so excited to be finished with the ruffle curtains for E's big girl room. They turned out  how I wanted them to but were SO much work.  They seemed to take longer then her super ruffly duvet I made last year.  They will hang in her room until she goes to college for sure!

I didn't make a tutorial for them because they were one of the projects my Mom helped on when she was visiting.  I was focusing on enjoying my Mom, or making sure my Mom stayed on task sewing away!  LOL.

I did round up some great Ruffle Curtains Tutorials for you:

House of Sarager
Shays Bucket
A Little Bit of Everything
Just Call me Blessed
A boy, a girl and a pug

There are 14 ruffles on each panel of curtains and they are each 6 inches long.  I used the old white sheets/curtains/fabric I've been collecting for the past year so the curtains was free.  I cut and sewed the fabric into 100 inch strips that were 6 inches wide and then ruffled it using it my ruffler foot.  I pinned and sewed all the ruffled strips onto a curtain panel (made out of an old sheet)that was 84" x 50".

I wanted the curtains to have a finished look and some contrast so I used grey thread to serge the bottom of each ruffle (before ruffling it).  I used a rolled hem setting on my serger that you usually use to make cloth napkins.

The curtains took my Mom and I an entire day!  They look adorable in E's room and I put her new grey wicker chairs in front of them.  I still need a little end table or something there.

Thanks Mom! I totally would have given up midway through the ruffles without your help!


  1. Wow, they look so professional! I would never attempt such a huge sewing job!

  2. I want to do this for my room!!!!! Wonderful job!!!!! And what a blessing to have your mom help you!!!!!

  3. Those are amazing!! Thank heaven for moms. So you are making me wonder if my serger has a rolled hem adjustment. I've got to get out the manual and see, that just looks incredible. I didn't see a follow button but I subscribed to your email feed. You have some great posts here and I'm looking forward to more of the same!


  4. I admire women like you who are so good in sewing, I wish I could do the same creations at my home. Those curtains are so dainty, I love them!

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