DIY Ana White Twin Bed {Rustic aged finish}

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There is some major crafting, building and cleaning out going on at my house!  My parents are here visiting and my Mom has great crafting and sewing skills.  You better bet there was a pile of unfinished stuff just "left out" in the craft room for her in case she got bored.

Today I'm going to show you how my son's dinosaur room is coming along.  His bed is an awesome Ana White  plan!

You can see the plans for the kentwood bed at Ana-White but I'll share a few building pictures and some tips. After cutting out all my wood I used my Kreg Jig® to make pocket holes in the back of the headboard.  LOVING the Kreg Jig®.  It really has changed the way I build things and makes it so much easier.

I used wood glue and my nail gun to attach the 1x4s to the plywood.

I carefully measured the spacing between the 1x3s then glued and nailed them down.

Then I assembled the rest of the bed. It took about 3-4 hours for me to cut all the wood out and assemble the bed.  The hardest part was attaching the 2x8s to the headboard and footboard because they are so heavy!  Total cost was about $60 for all the wood.

I used my favorite wood aging technique to give the bed the rustic look.  I did the same technique for my teenager's rustic headboard, and farmhouse desk.  I rip up a couple of steel wool pads and put them in a mason jar and pour enough vinegar to cover the steel wool.  Then put the cap on and let it sit in the garage a day or two.  Then brew a couple of bags of breakfast tea and brush the tea mixture onto the wood and let it dry overnight.

Then just brush on the steel wool/vinegar mix and the wood should start changing.  If the wood hasn't darkened enough I just do the tea part again and repeat the treatment a few hours later.

After the wood dried I dry brushed a little silver metallic paint randomly around the bed to give it a little shimmer and texture.

The bed got a few coats of polycrylic to protect it's finish.  I didn't wood fill the nail holes because I wanted the rustic look.

Love how the bed turned out!

The Wild and Free print is by Katie Daisy from The Wheatfield.  

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  1. Beautifully done, Brook! I am wondering if you are using both the mattress and the box spring? How nice that you have extra help around! :)

  2. Brook it's so nice, love that aged natural wood look. And I agree Kreg has changed my life and the way I build forever! How did we do it without the jig before?

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  6. Love it! I'm wondering which version of the Kreg Jig you have. Is the $99 version the best to buy? I've been wanting to build a few things, and you and Ana make it look like the way to go to make it easy! Great job!

  7. I had to stop by from TDC's party and take a look at this super cool bed!! You did an amazing job!! I love the tea and vinegar technique. The striped bedding is one of my favorite parts, too...I have the navy version in my boys' room! :)

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  11. Brooke,
    I am in the process of painting this bed. I just finished putting on the steel wool and vinegar, I love how it looks, but I put wood filler on it before and the steel wool and vinegar doesn't seem to be staining the wood filler. any ideas for getting the wood filler the same color? Thanks for the great instructions!

  12. Staining wood filler can be so tricky. I put silver paint on my bed after staining and did more in spots that had the wood fill. You can also try sanding that spot and reapplying. A last resort would maybe be to take a scrap piece of the wood that you did the vinegar stain on and get a sample paint at the store the same color and just dab a little on those spots to cover the wood fill.

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