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I should get a gold star for FINALLY finishing the easy curtains for my dining room.  Seriously it took me like 15 minutes plus the 4 months of them sitting on my sewing room table.  I had some Amy Butler Love curtains in here but our living room, dining room and kitchen are like one giant room and it was just too much print for that space.  So I've been trying to neutralize it.  My sons told me to stop saying "neutralize" whenever I talk about decorating this space because it sounds like a term you would use in a violent video game.

I bought the curtains from IKEA.  They are the Vivan curtains and were only $15.  I cut off the little pocket part without measuring how high my rod was hung so they were like 1/2 inch too short and I couldn't think of an easy solution and didn't want flood curtains.  Then I saw THIS POST at the Inspired room and it was the perfect solution.  Just a tiny bit of fabric sewn onto the bottom like I was binding a quilt and problem solved.  PLUS now the bottom of the curtain won't look icky fast rubbing on the dining room floor.  The fabric is Amy Butler Love that coordinates the Dining room chair pads that I just recovered.

Not fancy but finished!  I love the curtain ring clips especially with boys.  Now the curtain just comes unclipped if anybody yanks on it instead of ripping out of the wall.  Not that my boys ever do that.  The wood sign says "Spare me the drama."


This room doesn't get really good light which is part of the reason for the light, airy curtains.  So I switched the lights to some called "Daylight".  This is the before with regular soft white light bulbs:

This is the after with the daylight light bulbs.  HUGE change.  All the boys noticed which says A LOT since they usually only notice stuff to do with food.  I love it so far and it was a cheap $4 change.  We'll see how we feel after a week since it's REALLY bright but it is very similar to normal day light.


  1. That is brilliant!!! I wish I would have thought of that in Oki, I don't know how many curtains I cut too short, sigh!!! I'll be sending some pics your way, we had a surprise visitor this week!!!!

  2. I really love the idea of "sunshine" light bulbs. You don't get a lot of real sunshine through that window and you have been saying the lighting in that room felt gloomy so this seems like the perfect fix for a tiny cost. Let me know how you like it - it may only be 10 degrees down here but I could at least pretend it is warm and sunny.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have a beautiful blog! Those curtains look great! Love that they coordinate so simply with the room.


  4. Love that little touch of color. I see some really great posts her I am going to check out and follow you. Great ideas!

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  5. Hi love the transformation!!! now the good ??? so what ya going to do with the amy butler fabric from cutting the curtains ??? if your not wanting to reuse it...(whats left) i would love it!!! would you be willing to sell it... im totally redoing my craft room and it needs something light and bright!!! please let me know.. at mrs.kford@hotmail.com love the room!!


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