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Laundry room {Organizing ideas}

Today we're going on a little tour of my laundry room.  I love to see how real people deal with what can be one of the messiest rooms of the house.  Our laundry room is also our mud room and comes straight into the house from the garage.  The clean laundry goes in heaping baskets in my bedroom so I can fold it while I watch TV.


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Entryway tour {How to paint a plastic mirror}

Ready for an entryway tour?  We're going to start with the aqua mirror.  I see tons of plastic mirrors at the thrift store and they are an easy thing to paint.  Plus I think everyone should have a mirror in their entryway so you can make sure you don't have something in your teeth before you go rushing out the door.


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Entryway with state love art...

I feel like I've been gone forever!  I feel totally overwhelmed by summer.  Anyone else?  It's so hard to entertain 4 kids and get anything else done.  The kids are having a fun summer though which is what is really important.  My house is all unpacked and I've been doing tons of fun projects I just haven't had time to blog about them yet.

This is the view right as you walk through the front door.  The beautiful watercolor art is from The Wheatfield.  LOVE her stuff!  It's so cheerful and inspiring.  The state/country art I made with my silhouette machine and is all the places we've lived the past few years.    The chalkboard I made with an old mirror.  The little bench is the Ana-White rustic bench that we made a while ago and I just painted it with Rustoleum Night tide gloss spray paint.

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Dining room curtains...

I should get a gold star for FINALLY finishing the easy curtains for my dining room.  Seriously it took me like 15 minutes plus the 4 months of them sitting on my sewing room table.  I had some Amy Butler Love curtains in here but our living room, dining room and kitchen are like one giant room and it was just too much print for that space.  So I've been trying to neutralize it.  My sons told me to stop saying "neutralize" whenever I talk about decorating this space because it sounds like a term you would use in a violent video game.

I bought the curtains from IKEA.  They are the Vivan curtains and were only $15.  I cut off the little pocket part without measuring how high my rod was hung so they were like 1/2 inch too short and I couldn't think of an easy solution and didn't want flood curtains.  Then I saw THIS POST at the Inspired room and it was the perfect solution.  Just a tiny bit of fabric sewn onto the bottom like I was binding a quilt and problem solved.  PLUS now the bottom of the curtain won't look icky fast rubbing on the dining room floor.  The fabric is Amy Butler Love that coordinates the Dining room chair pads that I just recovered.

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A little Christmas tour...

Welcome to my little Christmas tour.  This year we don't have a ton of decorations up because we have a toddler.  Toddler=Broken ornaments and unwrapped presents.  So everything we put out is hard to break or too big to throw.  Our living room has our "traditional tree" that we went and cut down all by ourselves.  For the past few years we've done a Japanese themed tree since we lived there for 6 years.  All of the ornaments are hand made and took FOREVER.  The skirt is this one from Pottery barn.  

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Mom cave tour...

Before.  Someone might have a craft and container problem.  Me?  

After.  Borrowed those curtains from the kitchen.  Need a longer desk for machines.  

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Pink Crib room tour...

Finally finished E's sweet toddler room.  So far she seems to love it and keeps pointing to all the pictures of her as a new baby and saying "Pretty baby".

E's chalkboard table.  Usually filled with lots of scribbles.  The table and chairs were already white.  I just added a couple of coats of black chalkboard paint on the tabletop and painted the chairs hot pink. 

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