Entryway tour {How to paint a plastic mirror}

Ready for an entryway tour?  We're going to start with the aqua mirror.  I see tons of plastic mirrors at the thrift store and they are an easy thing to paint.  Plus I think everyone should have a mirror in their entryway so you can make sure you don't have something in your teeth before you go rushing out the door.


This was the mirror before.  I got it from a friend.  It makes my husband laugh that friends/family always ask me if I want some odd piece of junk before they throw it away.  Always advertise to everyone that you like old crap to spray paint, you'll get all sorts of fun stuff.  Just be sure to tell people that if it's cute after you paint it they can't have it back or they can but it's their Christmas gift.


Clean whatever you are spray painting REALLY well.  If things are wet or dirty the paint will bubble or crack and you will get an icky finish.  I did a few light coats of BIN primer.  Lots of light coats are WAY better than one thick coat.


I let the primer dry overnight and then painted a few light coats of Rustoluem paint in Aqua.


So cheerful!


The little table is a Chinese antique that I bought in Japan.  I have a basket for shoes and the little vintage suitcase was my Grandpa's.


The table runner was my Grandma's and the fern and container are from Walmart.  The container was a dollar.


The little ruler box that we built a few days ago for keys/sunglasses.


My favorite happiness books and a little fish that I got from the Okinawan glass factory.


A little collection of seashell balls on the window sill.  The toddler loves these and is always switching up how they are displayed.


Entryway looking in from door.  State love art that I made a few weeks ago.  The bench is the Ana-White rustic bench.  Rug is from World Market.


In reality there is usually a bunch of shoes and nerf guns on the rug!
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