Mom cave tour...

Before.  Someone might have a craft and container problem.  Me?  

After.  Borrowed those curtains from the kitchen.  Need a longer desk for machines.  

Replaced the doors with curtains.  Amy Butler's love, stolen from kitchen.  

Computer area.  Desks are made from hollow core doors.

Organized closet!  I only kept what I could fit in the closet.  Sigh.  Don't worry I kept all the glitter.

The fabric dresser.  I'm a fabric hoarder in recovery.  Had to fit in the dresser or be donated.  I can hear crafters squealing with joy at my Goodwill right now!

Recognize the dresser and corner hutch?  They are the ones I finished for Ellie's room that didn't fit when we moved.  Perfect for the Mom cave.  Dresser refinish

So excited for my own space after 6 years squished into an apartment in Japan with 4 kids!  


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