Laundry room {Organizing ideas}

Today we're going on a little tour of my laundry room.  I love to see how real people deal with what can be one of the messiest rooms of the house.  Our laundry room is also our mud room and comes straight into the house from the garage.  The clean laundry goes in heaping baskets in my bedroom so I can fold it while I watch TV.


That door goes into the garage.  I have some hooks for aprons and re-useable grocery sacks.  The little white cabinet holds dish cloths and a little hook holds my keys and purse.  The kids all hang their coats and bags right outside the door on the garage wall.


My little command center is on the other side.  An extensive post about that can be found here.

I added labels to the drawers to make it easier to find all the art & homework supplies.


The stuff inside is held in these little plastic bins I bought years ago.


I made little labels for the laundry baskets and then laminated them.  Now everyone knows exactly where to put their dirty stuff.  I sort into three baskets...Colors, Whites and Rough (jeans and my husband's uniforms).  The turquoise baskets are from Target.


I bought these little aqua baskets in Target's dollar section.


Hooks are the best organizing tool!  I used some command ones on the side of the dresser for the lint roller and replacement pads for my little mop.


 Now everything is labeled it's been staying a lot cleaner.  Plus it's easier to have the kids go get something and I don't get asked 15 times a day where to find a pencil, crayon or where their shoes are.

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