Drop cloth curtains {tutorial}

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I usually use drop cloths for painting but I've seen some adorable curtains made out of drop cloths all over blogland in the past year. I love the rustic look of them so I knew they would be perfect for my teenager's room. Plus they are a really economical way to get a lot of fabric.

I started with 2 drop cloths that were 6' by 9'. I got these ones at Home Depot and they were about $10 each. If you don't like to sew than you can follow the no sew curtain tutorial like I did in the skateboard room and use steam a seam.

Wash and dry the drop cloths. The drop cloths already have finished edges so you are just sewing them to make them the correct length.

Step 1: Decide how long you want each curtain panel.  The bedroom had the waverly lovely lattice drapes from the living room so I just used them to determine the length.  The curtains ended up about 84" long.

Start by folding your bottom and top hem in your desired length and then ironing it down. For 84" I did 7" at the top and the bottom.

Then sew right along the edge.

Fold the edges in two inches and iron.

Sew right along the edge. Repeat the same steps with both drop cloths.

Iron your finished panels and then hang! Easy. I use curtain clips for all my curtains because my kids live here and yank on the curtains. I'm not really sure why they do this but we've had many a curtain rod pulled right out of the wall-on accident, or so they say. Curtain clips lead to peaceful, happy homes without a very annoyed mother.

These were so easy and would be perfect for a starter sewing project.

Other great drop cloth drape ideas:

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Have you tried making curtains out of drop cloths? I'd love to see if you have!


  1. Eureka (I think that is how you spell it) This is the perfect idea for the boys room!!! The curtain clips are a perfect solution to a window dressing I need in the boys room. Once again Brooke Rocks, lol!!!!

  2. I just purchased drop cloths and curtain rods this past weekend as I'm going to hang them in my dining room! I think this is a great way to dress a window with a natural look in a very affordable way. I don't know what I want as far as style/color/pattern for curtains, so this is the plan for now for a short-term fix!

  3. Hi - I just did the same thing! I didn't sew mine, just washed, bleached and hung. I LOVE THIS!

  4. [...] grey and white dinosaurs!  I made these curtains the same way I did the drop cloth drapes but you could do a no sew method like the houndstooth curtains [...]


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