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The boys and I have been working on their rooms together.  My 5 year old wanted a Star Wars room.  Which worked out great because we already had the duvets that were purchased from PBkids a few years ago.   I think all little boys go through a Star Wars phase.

My Dad is a college professor and one of his big things when we were kids is that we all had a desk to study at.  I still remember going out with him and buying my first desk!  I don't know that it helped my study skills any but I do still like shopping.  I liked the idea and have been on the lookout the last few months to find all the boys their own desks.


D's desk started like this.  Ugh.  It was $30 at my local Goodwill and the chair was $8.  My Goodwill gives 30% off coupons that are good off of one item when you donate something. They only do it certain months but I always make sure to take my box of donations.  I went on military Wednesday for 10% off and used my 30% off coupon!  So the desk and chair were like $26.  Score!


The desk was really dirty and had an interesting finish on it but was solid wood and even had a nice glass top.  I never buy furniture unless it's solid wood and well built.  Boys and sturdy furniture go well together.


I vacuumed out all the drawers and then took them out and vacuumed the inside of the desk.  This helps get all the gross stuff out.  Then I scrubbed it all down with some simple green cleaner and a rag.  If stuff is really stinky or old smelling then I use a vinegar/water mixture in a spray bottle.  Sometimes I even spray the insides of the drawers with the vinegar/water and set them in the sun to dry.

Then I primed with Glidden Gripper primer using a 4 inch foam roller and paintbrush.  I use these short handled paintbrushes for most of my furniture painting.  Then you can get into little crevices without the handle of your brush in the way.


I let my primer dry for a few hours.  Check the can.  Some primers require days but the Glidden said 4 hours.  Then I painted with two coats of Behr Satin enamel with the same little brush and a new 4" foam roller.


I color matched the paint to the Star Wars duvet.


Love how it turned out.


The chair got spray painted with a couple light coats of Satin black spray paint.  I didn't prime it or anything.  The lamp is this one from Target.


I bought new hardware for about $1 a handle.


The bunk bed is the Mydal Bunk bed from Ikea.  It was about $150 in store and is really sturdy. We have two sets and the boys have been using them for about a year and they have held up really well.


I painted the bed with Valspar's enamel paint in black satin.  It took forever and ever.


I have lots of fun projects planned for this room.  Starting with something on the walls!



  1. looks great!! I am sure they will love how the room comes out.

  2. cute little desk, I love the blue color! My son loves star wars too. Where did you get the duvet covers?

  3. what a great change!! Love the desk!

  4. It looks fabulous! The color is really nice. I bet your son is lovin' it!!

  5. Very nice. Good job on the painting.

  6. All my kiddos have desk, too. :) Love the color. Would love to have you link this up to my {wow me} wednesday link party going on right now over on my blog.. if you haven‘t already. Hope to see you there. {I'm a new follower.} :)


  7. I love that you talked about your dad in this post. What a great guy and more that just a professor...what a good leader. (But he was my favorite professor.) He told us about your blog in class one day and I have been using it as a reference while I am working on some old furniture. I love that you show exactly what products you used. That helps so much!


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