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Easy curtain spruce up {double panels}

I bought some basic navy curtain panels for our little guy's Star Wars bedroom. We hung them up and they just looked sad and skimpy. I left them alone for a few months so I could think about what to do. Then I saw this master bedroom on the Nate show where they doubled up the curtain panels to give them a fuller look.  So I thought I'd give it a try.

Here is the before.  The curtains were fine just seemed too skinny for such a wide window.

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Lego Minifig Storage {organizing}

Do you have lego storage problem? With three boys we have a zillion legos! My 6 year old is obsessed with the little lego minifigs and he likes to be able to see them at all times. No putting the little men in a storage bin in the closet.

So I hung them on his wall right as his level so he can play with them and the little guys can be decorations too!  Yes someday I will finish his gallery wall and put pictures of people we know in the picture frames!

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The Star wars desk

The boys and I have been working on their rooms together.  My 5 year old wanted a Star Wars room.  Which worked out great because we already had the duvets that were purchased from PBkids a few years ago.   I think all little boys go through a Star Wars phase.

My Dad is a college professor and one of his big things when we were kids is that we all had a desk to study at.  I still remember going out with him and buying my first desk!  I don't know that it helped my study skills any but I do still like shopping.  I liked the idea and have been on the lookout the last few months to find all the boys their own desks.


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