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I'm so excited to show you E's new bed.  I got it at a garage sale for $10!!  Love a great deal.

This was the before.  It was all scratched up but didn't have any major problems.

Some of the veneer was peeling away on the headboard but I thought I could fix it.

I just poured some wood glue into where the veneer was peeling and then used wood clamps to hold it together overnight.  Be sure to wipe off any of the wood glue that seeps out.

After the wood glue dried I painted the whole bed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White.  I didn't wood fill ANY of the cracks.  My Annie Sloan stockist showed me how you can "fill" scratches with the chalk paint and it TOTALLY worked and you can't see any of the scratches.  I just painted the scratched spots first, let them dry and painted the rest.

Then I waxed the flat parts of the bed with Minwax natural finishing wax and the crevices with the AS clear wax.  The Annie Sloan is softer and easier to work into crevices but way more expensive then the Minwax so I try to save it.

I used a brush for the whole bed.  You can make chalk paint look pretty smooth with a roller but I like the  texture that the brush makes.

Love how her room is coming together.  The chalk paint was expensive ($30 for a quart) but it was perfect for the bed especially since it fixed the scratches!

Thursday I'll show you her bedskirt that I'm working on.  It has ruffles (of course!).

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  1. Wow, her bed looks amazing! I love the coverage that ASCP gives, and I cannot see a trace of the old bed after you painted it. The white also makes it look so refreshed. I'm sure you have one happy girl now.

  2. I love all of it! I don't like my daughters bed right now, I know we can find a better one, this one was very inspiring!

  3. What a great result. Can't wait to see the ruffled skirt. I love the comforter on her bed as well.

  4. You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, whether you're sleeping, getting ready for work in the morning or cuddling with your loved ones. As time passes, your bedroom's style becomes outdated. You can easily spend thousands of dollars and a few months creating a whole new look for your room, but it's not an economically feasible idea when you can just as easily and more affordably give your bedroom a mini-makeover.

  5. Looks amazing!!! Oh and guess what!!!! I got a ruffler YEAH baby!!!!!!! Cannot wait to show you what I'm going to make!!!!

  6. Hi Brook,
    The bedroom makeover is just beautiful, well done!! Are you also able to give me some information on the white book display shelves next to the bed? I'd love something like that for my children's rooms!

  7. Gorgeous!!! $30 for the paint was well worth it. Where can you buy a pretty bed like that for that price1 What a lucky little girl. Your so talented!!!!

  8. Hi Brook,
    This looks so great, congratulations!! Question: is Chalk Paint the same thing as chalkBOARD paint? As in, you can use chalk on it? If so, why did you use it on a bed? Is your daughter going to be drawing on it???

  9. Where did you find the "You are Loved" print? It is gorgeous!

  10. I saw a gorgeous twin bed today at a yard sale, and now I'm wishing I had picked it up to make it as pretty as yours!


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