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So for our toddler's birthday I really wanted a pink play kitchen for her. There was a really cute one at Pottery barn but it was like $800 for the whole set.  Cute inspiration kitchen.   Ouch.  Plus I knew I wanted a nice solid wood kitchen that we could keep forever and repaint whenever I get the whim.

So I found these plans:  Ana White kitchen plans.  And this gal who used the Ana White plans and added cute little curtains:  Crafty Chick kitchen with super cute curtains.  So those were our jumping off inspiration points and we changed a few things along the way to fit with the cute kitchen I had living in my head.  In total I think we spent about $200 including all the knobs, pulls, paint and curtain fabric and cute Ikea dishes/food.

It would be way easy to keep it closer to $100 if you just used cheaper wood.  The pink play kitchen is made entirely of pine with beadboard on the back.

View from the top.  Cute fabric play food and metal pots and pans are from Ikea.

Stove burners were purchased at Michaels.  They are actually little plain wood basketballs and soccer balls flipped over.  The stove is 19" wide by 25" tall by 12" deep.  The oven door is 16" wide by 18" tall.  The knobs and pulls are all from Home Depot and were about $16-20 for all of them.  I'm in my glass knob and pull stage.

  The sink is a little flower planter tin from Michaels.

One of the changes we made from the plans was the sink.  I wanted a larger counter space and cute curved shelves.  I think it's a little taller than the Ana White sink as well.  The sink dimensions are 26" wide by 25" tall by 12.5" deep.

I bought the faucet on ebay for like $1.21 but had to pay $8 to ship it.  It's a Price Pfister laundry faucet. Love that it's already smudged with little toddler fingerprints!

Husband assembling the wood.  We used 1 inch pine from Home Depot.  I think he assembled the whole thing with a nail gun.  He also routered all the edges so they were rounded.

I wanted the fridge larger with the top/bottom doors instead of side by side.  This made the kitchen a little more expensive because we had to buy a big slab of pine.  The kitchen door pine was $20.  The total for all the wood, beadboard and plexiglass was about $160.  There is enough leftover that we are making a cradle and doll highchair for Christmas.

Beadboard in the back of all the appliances.  Big hinges on top door and smaller hinges for bottom door.  Metal clasps to help keep the doors shut.  The fridge dimensions are 36" tall by 21.5" wide by 12.5" deep.  The top door is 22" tall by 21.5" wide and the bottom door is 12" tall by 21.5" wide.

The plexiglass came from Home Depot also.  It just got screwed directly into the back of the wood.

Shelves in sink.

The paint I used was Powdered Blush by Behr.  We primed it first because the bare would really sucks up the paint.

I used Amy Butler Love fabric for the little sink curtains.  The kitchen is in our dining room and that is the fabric on our chairs and curtains so I wanted it to match.  Our daughter loves to play in her kitchen while I'm cooking or cleaning up in the real one.  Ignore the weird paint on the walls.  Trying to pick the perfect tan!  Hope you enjoyed our play kitchen tour.


  1. this is FABULOUS!!! so creative and so much cheaper! way to go!

  2. Totally Gorgeous! Nice work guys.

  3. Great job! not sure I could even attempt that!

  4. LOVE! I, too, loved the one at PBK and wanted the red one. I ended up finding an old handmade one at an antique store...I stripped and repainted it red and white. However, I still need a fridge and have been trying to figure out how to add to it...this inspires me!

  5. I just stumbled onto your blog and love it :) love your kitchen too, especially the curtain!

  6. Love your kitchen! They're a lot of work to build, but totally worth it. I just love the "handmade element", it makes the piece mean so much more. I know your little munchkin will love it for many years to come.

    P.S. Thanks for the comment on my "Lucy" kitchen. It was sad when she actually sold, we kind of miss her. :-)

  7. I am totally thrilled by this post. I wish I would have seen it before I bought my daughter a Kidkraft one 2 months ago for xmas. It is truly beautiful and I know it will last a lifetime. I still may build one next year, maybe sell the current one and use the funds towards materials for the new one? ;)

  8. thank you so so so much for directing me to ana white! her stuff is awesome :)

  9. *cries* I need a full workshop STAT!

    Gorgeous. I love it.

  10. I love this!!
    I'm a new follower btw :)

  11. We used the same plans to make this kitchen for our daughter! You can see it in "The Girl's Room" post on my blog. Ana White rules! Yours turned out really cute.

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