Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stenciled Bookcase {Annie Sloan French Linen-Pure White}

Are you ready to see another furniture redo of a previous redo?  I know I can't be the only person that paints stuff and then changes her mind a few months later!  I've been reading the book Simplicity Parenting and have been trying to calm my kids rooms down.  Less toys, less stuff, calmer furniture, peaceful, serene.    I started by painting the dresser E ruined, French linen grey.  Then I painted her bookcase the same French linen grey with a Pure white stencil.  Love it!

This was the bookcase when I got it from my Grandparents.  Chipping, old paint with stain underneath and some water damage around the bottom.  I stripped it with Citistrip and sanded it down and then painted it with chalk paint.  The great thing about chalk paint is that if you decide that you want a new color you can just paint the new chalk paint color right over the previously painted and waxed piece!  So awesome.

I painted the bookcase with 2 coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen.  Then I pried the plywood off the back of the bookcase and painted that with 2 coats of ASCP as well.

One of my FAVORITE things about chalk paint is that it dries super fast.  So the grey paint was ready for my stencil pretty quick.  I bought one of the Martha Stewart Stencils from Michael's.  I used my 40% off coupon so the stencil was less than $10.

I used painter's tape to hold my stencil in place and then carefully painted over it.

The finished back!

I wanted a little more texture so I sanded the stenciled part a little bit.

I waxed the whole bookcase and back with Minwax finishing wax.  I use this wax on flatter chalk paint pieces since it's so much cheaper.  It is a much harder wax so it is harder to work into crevices.  I did use the ASCP Soft wax for the crevice details on the front of the bookcase.  You can't tell I used two different waxes on the bookcase and there is no color difference at all.

Finished!!  Have you tried using Minwax Finishing wax on your chalk painted furniture?