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One more office project finished!  I'm getting so excited to get working in my new office/craft/sewing room instead of working on it!  Today I'm going to show off my  new magnetic chalkboard.  I used to have a cork board in here but never actually stuck anything to it because I kept the tacks hidden from the boys so I had to search them out to pin something up so it just never happened.

Then I saw this post from Less than perfect life of bliss on her magnetic chalkboard!  Perfect.  I tried the magnet paint before when I did a redo on my Dad's office and after like a bazillion coats it still wasn't very magnetic.  I never thought of using sheet metal.  This is why I love blogs.  So many great ideas.  So now I have this:

Magnetic chalkboard office2


I bought some MDF, molding and sheet metal for this project.  You could totally use a thrifted frame or old mirror too.

We started with the sheet metal that we found in the plumbing aisle.  It came 36"x24" so we just made it that size instead of trying to cut it.  The box looks like this:

Magnetic chalkboard office8

Then we assembled it pretty much the same as we did the Fake Eagan mirror.  MDF with molding on the sides to hide the hanging hardware and molding on top of the sheet metal to make it pretty.

Side during assembly:

Magnetic chalkboard office11
Magnetic chalkboard office7

The sheet metal was glued to the MDF with liquid nails and then the pretty molding attached right on top with liquid nails and a few finish nails where the molding met the wood (the sheet metal didn't go all the way to the edge of the wood, we left a few inches to nail through)

Magnetic chalkboard office10

After a few coats of chalkboard paint on the metal and a few coats of my favorite pink-Behr's Powdered Blush I have a new chalkboard!!

Magnetic chalkboard office9

I love that when it's hung you can't see the hardware and it's flush against the wall!

Magnetic chalkboard office5

This project cost under $30.  The MDF was $7.  The molding was $10 and the sheet metal was $10.  I already had the pink paint and chalkboard paint.

Magnetic chalkboard office6


  1. Looks great Brook! I love the color of the frame too! :)

  2. This looks great! I would have never thought about painting the metal! You should link up some of your ideas at DIY Thrifty Thursday @

  3. Sweet! I love chalkboards, too. I just need to get some of that paint. :) Great idea for using the metal to be able to use magnets, too.

  4. I love chalkboards! I have yet to put one in my home but I really want to.

  5. It looks great. You (and your hubby) did a great job.

  6. Great job! I love how you constructed your frame!

  7. Awesome idea! It looks beautiful too!

  8. Great idea! I was just thinking the other day that it would be cool to have a chalk board that was magnetic.

  9. This is literally next on my 'to be crafty' list. My daughter is itching for a new desk and magnetic chalk board for her room. My hubby runs a steel plant (perfect!) so he'll just get some thin steel cut for moi and I'll whip one of these babies up. Is your chalkboard pretty heavy? With the MDF and the steel I wasn't sure how heavy it would be. I'm planning on making one for our mud room/laundry room so that we can have a family message board for reminders/comings & goings.

    Your board looks great. Love the colour!


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