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I think everyone that got married in the 90's has one of these light pine laminate TV cabinets.  Ours spent 6 years in storage and then didn't match any of our other furniture or fit the newer flat TV that we have now.  So I repurposed it and put it in the boys room.  To hold legos and the french horn.  If you have a giant french horn then the space you put the TV is the PERFECT spot for it!  Who knew?

I think parts of it are real wood but a lot of it is laminate.  I removed the doors and knobs and then put a coat of Valspar Contractors bonding primer on it.  It says on the can that it will even adhere to glossy tile and I've used it for quite a few projects with great success.  I didn't sand it AT ALL.  No sanding!

After the primer was dry I put on one coat of Valspars Gray teal in satin.  Love.

It fit in a little corner of the boys room just perfect!  It's been painted in there for like 3 months and not one chip!  Which says a lot considering that 3 boys live in this room and there are tons of nerf gun battles and basketball games going on in here.


  1. okay Brook I have to say that I have found a new love in my life, primer, because of you. I am still trying to gain the courage to paint my table and chairs. I am still deciding on a color... maybe you could email me so I could send you some pics and you could help me decide?!?! Also did you make the bedding for Ellie's?!?! Gorgeous, I want to know how you did it!!!! fyi it's bljobe99(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  2. LOVE the ARMOIRE! Pretty color

  3. I have a whole master bedroom set (circa late 90's) that looks like the original armoire so I'm soooo happy to see that it can easily be painted. I've been itching to paint it but the task (a headboard, 2 side tables and a large dresser) is a big commitment of time and sanity. I'm thinking of painting it black or perhaps a punchier colour. We'll see how daring my husband is willing to go. ;) I'm glad I found your blog!!

  4. This is so helpful! I have an old desk I've been wanting to paint but the top is laminate. I've been meaning to Google ways to paint over it but haven't had the time. Glad your project happened to be before mine on Metamorphosis Monday or I wouldn't have found this! Love your blog.. going to follow!


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