No pattern pants {no hemming either!}

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Ready to learn how to make some super easy pants?  No pattern!  No hemming!  Perfect for PJ pants and they have an elastic waist so they are nice for potty training kids too.

Pants that fit your child well
Fabric (I used about 1/2 yard for size 4 pants)
Coordinating Fabric (Two 3 inch strips)

Fold fabric in half.  Fold pants in half, place on fold of fabric and cut around pants.  Leave about 1 inch on sides and 2 inches at top for seam allowance and waist band.  DO NOT CUT THE FOLDED END.  Repeat so you have two fabric pieces.

Now we are going to make the binding that will create the hem of your pants.

Start with your two fabric strips that are cut in 3 inch strips.

1. Iron Strip in Half.

2.  Open

3.  Fold to middle, iron.

4.  Fold other side to middle, iron.

5.  Fold in half, iron.

6.  Pin the binding to bottom of pants and sew along top edge of binding.

Fold your fabric right sides together and sew the legs closed.

Turn one fabric piece right side out.  Take that leg and put it inside the other fabric piece that is still inside out.

Straight stitch the two fabric pieces together around curved part (this is going to be the crotch and top section of your pants)

Turn pants right side out-hopefully they look like pants!

Fold top edge of pants down 1/4 inch, iron and sew along edge.

Fold fabric down 1 inch and iron(or whatever space you need for your elastic, my elastic was 3/4 inch wide).

Straight stitch right along top edge of fabric and right along bottom edge, creating your elastic casing.  Leave about 1/2 inch open along the bottom edge so you can feed your elastic into waistband.

1.  Leave 1/2 inch opening in bottom of fabric.  Cut your elastic about 1 inch smaller than the child's waist.

2. Pin a safety pin to elastic and gently feed elastic through opening and around waistband.  Be careful not to let the other end of your elastic get lost in the waistband too!

3. Once your elastic is all the way around waistband secure the ends together.

4.  Sew the elastic together and then pull into waistband.  Straight stitch half inch opening closed (be sure to check the fit of the waist on the child before sewing the opening closed!)

Enjoy your new pants!

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  1. Woman!!! Is there not limit to your talent?!? Can not believe how quickly the girls are growing up!!!!! She is so beautiful and her smile just gets to your heart!!!!!

  2. Yes! Thank you! So smart and I can't wait to try it. Especially since little Mr birthday boy is growing out of everything. His 3 T pants he's complaining are too tight, and I don't have a lot of 4 T.. which is good since he's trying to grow directly into a 5 T. So... making fast pants? Might do it assembly line style and do a dozen at once!!!!

  3. This is a GREAT idea! I wish I'd had some great step by step instructions like this when my kids were young. Even though I took sewing classes, had a mother who could sew, and made complete skirts and shirts from patterns, I never learned to enjoy it or find ways to create useful, simple things like these pants. After spending many hours (and too much money) creating a maternity shirt that didn't fit right I gave up on the idea of sewing.


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