DIY Square Cedar Planters {Building}

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It's been nice and sunny this week so I've been spending a ton of time working outside trying to spruce up my porch.  I know my neighbors are thinking "Oh the crazy spray paint lady is at it again!"   In between spray painting sessions I built some square planters for my front porch using Ana White plans.

My porch has looked like this since we moved in almost a year ago. The Welcome sign is only there because there was already a nail in the wall and one of my teenage sons was unpacking and hung it up. It bugs me that the window is only on one side so I haven't quite known how to decorate that spot. So I took the procrastinator route and did nothing.

I had been wanting some giant planters to go on each side of the door but all the ones I liked were too expensive and the cheap ones didn't seem durable enough to survive our house of boys. So I was so excited when I saw the square planters on Ana's site a few weeks ago. I used 3 cedar fence boards that were 1x6 @ 6 feet long for each planter. The boards were only $2 each and I had scrap 1x2s and 2x2s so the cost for both planters was $12! I used the Kreg Jig® to build almost all of it and it was a pretty quick project, taking about 2 hours for both planters.

I also cut the 2x2s at 20" to account for the 1x6s instead of 1x4s that the plan originally called for. I spray painted the outside of the planters with Krylons Glossy black spray paint. I left the insides of the planters just the plain cedar.

Love them! I have a fun idea for the wall opposite the window so hopefully it works out. I need a cute rug too but have had a hard time finding one.

What would you do with that wall next to the door? Where are all the cute outdoor rugs hidden?


  1. That looks really nice. Asymmetry is harder to work with than symmetry. You could try hanging a mirror on the left side to balance off t he window.

  2. You know if it were me I would plant something tall in that planter with the blank wall, Then it would balance with the other side with the window above the planter. I love your planters! You did a great job, it looks fantastic!

  3. Ok... so what I would NOT do is put the box on the right hand side. I'd put it next to the other one a few feet apart to use as part of a sweeping motion of the eye.
    On the other side, I'd either buy a large jar & fill it with dried tall grasses or something along those lines. You could get a tall planter table & put a basket or bowl of planter plants in it.. You know the ones Im talking about.. In the center are tall grass like spikes, then there are plants that provide color around that... then plants that have a long hanging habit around the outside to cascade down & around the sides.
    Or, you could get some fake ivy & drape it from the light... or have some other sort of something that uses the lamp as its base.
    You might think about using it as decorations for each & every holiday if that is something you enjoy, but I agree with Sandy above, it needs to be tall and/or fill in that space. At halloween, its easy, you can use corn stalks, and have a bale of hay with pumpkins & goards on it,(or a scarecrow) for Christmas, perphaps a Santa if you're into that. If not, perhaps a tall thin nativity scene. If thats not your sort of thing, then drape holly with pine cones around the lamp again.. Im sure you could find something to work.

    How about building a wood table to match your planters, about 30 inches tall.. You could place a tall flower pot on it with flowers or plants in it & decorate the bottom with whatever else fancies your spirit. I personally would probably find other plants, pots, & containers to tie it all together.

    Whatever you do, it needs to be taller somehow, and whatever you do, dont try to make both sides the same to decorate it. It wont work well in this doorway. Instead, find a group of things that somehow tie into each other and always make a sweeping line from the right (tall) to the left, (short).

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    [...] things that somehow tie into each other and always make a sweeping line from the [...]...

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  6. You could use a white trellis on the wall behind the planter that would mimic the white window frame. Then you could plant some vining plants in the box under it or just leave it as a decorative piece. I think clematis are really pretty and seem hardy as well!

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