Most adorable bench ever, Ana-White rustic bench

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I wanted a bench for the kids craft table in the office  If you have more than one kid than you can understand the glory of a bench vs a chair.  No fighting or shoving about who gets to sit on the chair. Benches have a spot for more than one bum!  Yay!

I've had Ana-White's small rustic bench on my list for awhile.  So many ways to use it.  It would be so cute in the bathroom, entry or even on the front porch.  So cute in fact I had my husband build two.  It cost less than $30 for both of them and didn't take him too much time.  Just 20 minutes (which is what I say about EVERY project).  It will just take like 20 minutes don't ya think honey?  In fact it probably took about an hour or so for each bench but he used to build houses which is why I made he so lovingly offers to do most of the woodwork at our house.  If I built the bench it would have taken 8 or 9 hours.

Ta-da! I painted one of them my favorite pink, Behr's powdered blush.

The other bench I painted the same color as the office walls, Sherwin Williams Sea salt. Love.

I think the pink one is going to stay in the office. The sea salt one is currently in the dining room because it matches cute in there. The older boys bring it in the office if all 4 kids want to squeeze at the craft table and color together.


  1. You are correct! It is the cutest bench ever!
    Love the curtains!
    And the very scary face!!!

    NIce to meet you! I just became a follower!

  2. Thanks for sharing about the bench...I saw it in another post of yours and loved it right away

  3. Your craft room is adorable! Very cute benches too!

  4. Adorable bench! And yes, pink was the perfect color ;-)


  5. There are so many ways you can use that bench - I just love it!

  6. I love benches because they are so functional and can be used as seating or tables. I really like your green one!

  7. I love your office!!! The bench is so cute and the kid too :)
    I love that curtain fabric as well!

  8. Fabulous craft area! And the furniture! I have yet to build some myself, You deserve credit woman, great job :-)

    Thanks for finding me on twitter, I'm a new follower!

  9. Looking that shade of pink.


  10. That bench is lovely. The crossbars add a really sweet does the pink paint. Yay for pink!! I would love it if you would link this up to my Marvelous Mess party....each party I feature one project on my sidebar for a week!! Here is the link:

  11. Great idea! Of course I LOVE the pink. :) It turned out beautiful!

  12. I LOVE this bench! I can't even tell you! I saw it in your post about the craft table and started searching for it. I have to have one! Thanks for sharing

  13. I love the bench and your craft table!! I need something for my 7 year old's room. She doesn't have a lot of room for a big desk but a table with a bench that slides under is perfect. That's such a pretty shade of pink too!

    I've been hovering around Ana White's site drooling over her ideas ... I just have to get up the nerve to break out the hammer and saw and just do it!


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