Easy curtain spruce up {double panels}

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I bought some basic navy curtain panels for our little guy's Star Wars bedroom. We hung them up and they just looked sad and skimpy. I left them alone for a few months so I could think about what to do. Then I saw this master bedroom on the Nate show where they doubled up the curtain panels to give them a fuller look.  So I thought I'd give it a try.

Here is the before.  The curtains were fine just seemed too skinny for such a wide window.

I bought a second set of curtains from Target. Luckily they were pretty inexpensive about $18 a set.

Then I just placed the right sides together and sewed it up right next to the seam.

Done! Took longer to iron the curtains then to sew them.  I like the fuller look.  What do you think?  Worth an extra $18?  That brought the total cost for the curtains to a little less than $40.

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  1. Yes, much better! Another suggestion might be to add some weights to the bottom corners to help them "behave" and drape more smoothly. I have one set of higher end curtains I picked up on clearance and I've noticed they are weighted. Of course they bang around a bit when it's really windy! You can buy weights at Joanns, but if you like being thrifty, I'm sure stitching a couple of washers would accomplish the same effect. Good luck!


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