Blue Desk {Skateboard room}

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I wanted all the school aged kids to have a desk for the new school year.  I'm hoping that they will all go study quietly in their rooms every night, get straight A's and then scholarships!  A Mom can hope. B wanted his desk blue but told me he didn't want it that aqua color that I keep painting everything.  I have no idea what he could be referring to.


The before.  It was all banged up on the top so it got lots of woodfill.  Goodwill $20.


I liked the hardware so we kept it.


The chair before.  $7-Goodwill.  If you are buying a desk for your kids measure for the chair.  Regular dining chairs won't always fit with kid desks.


I did my usual.  Clean.  Prime.  Paint.  Polycrylic.  The paint is Corsair a Better Homes and Garden color.


I spray painted the hardware in Rustoleum black in hammered finish.  Love the hammered finish.


The top got three coats of polycrylic.


I see A's in his future for sure.



  1. Brook, your desk and skateboard wall look amazing. Great job! It looks so good and thank you so much for using Rust-Oleum to build your project.

  2. A+ on the makeover! they look great! My son was in to skate boards! What a great accessory :)

  3. Would LOVE it if you would share this at my brand new turquoise lovin' linky party! ;)

  4. I love your choice of color. And the skateboard shelves are AWESOME! Great post!

  5. Nice job! I use Polycrylic and find that sanding with a piece of brown grocery bag smooths it very nicely without "digging". Try it sometime!


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