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Blue Desk {Skateboard room}

I wanted all the school aged kids to have a desk for the new school year.  I'm hoping that they will all go study quietly in their rooms every night, get straight A's and then scholarships!  A Mom can hope. B wanted his desk blue but told me he didn't want it that aqua color that I keep painting everything.  I have no idea what he could be referring to.


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Skateboard dresser {Spray paint}

Like my free dresser?  I picked this little gem off the curb for ZERO DOLLARS.  My favorite price.


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Skateboard shelves {how-to}

My 10 year old is totally obsessed with skateboards and has requested a whole skateboard themed bedroom.  But not a perfect one!  He told me hates how I paint everything until it's perfect.  Uh okay? So there will be no painting of all his authentically thrashed up stuff!

Skateboard shelves seemed like a good place to start.  Especially since we already had a few retired skateboards in the garage.

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