Skateboard dresser {Spray paint}

Like my free dresser?  I picked this little gem off the curb for ZERO DOLLARS.  My favorite price.


B got a new bed that is pretty high and it needed a nightstand so I decided to repurpose this piece rather than build/buy an extra tall nightstand.  The bedroom has an antique black iron bed that is already distressed (aka all scratched up) so we are keeping with that theme.

Before:  free off the curb.  Then stored on the back deck for months holding the marshmallow sticks.


I started by glueing it all back together.  Seriously I swear every thing I touch I ended up having to glue. Then I painted half of one of the drawers with white spray paint in satin for where the word "Skate" was going to be.  I let it dry a few days before putting the vinyl on.


I bought the skateboard guy from the silhouette store for a dollar and then just cut him and the words out of vinyl and spray painted all three drawers.  Black spray paint in satin.  This was the after.  You can see it's all crackled and so not perfect.


I sanded and distressed all the drawers.  This is what they looked like after the sanding and after I wiped all the paint dust off.  I put two coats of Polycrylic on and it took away that cloudy effect.


After!  I like that some of the wood grain is left.  The little lamp is from Target and I recovered it in the same Houndstooth fabric that I made his curtains out of.


I left the top completely alone.  Now I won't have to worry if B decides to do his scout woodcarving projects on his dresser.


Total cost for a nightstand/dresser-about $10 in paint and vinyl.

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