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Laundry Room Update {Ana White Laundry dressers}

So excited to show you my laundry room update.  Remember how the laundry room looked last summer?

I had my family command center with all the art supplies and chore charts.  Worked so great for months.  Then my craft room got all finished and nobody used the dresser anymore.  So the dresser got hauled out to the garage (and is getting repainted for one of the boys rooms!).  I decided Ana White's laundry basket dressers would be the perfect solution for that spot.

Three laundry basket dressers, four baskets high fit perfectly where the dresser was.  Totally a better use of space too.  I am TERRIBLE at folding laundry.  I usually make a pile of clean laundry next to my bed that I'm going to fold someday and have a hard time getting to it.

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Sewing & Craft Room Tour {Furniture}

I'm so excited to show you guys my craft room!  Or maybe I'll call it my studio since that makes me sound cool.  It is my favorite part of my entire house and my family spends lots of time in here making awesome stuff.  Which makes photographing this room REALLY hard since it's always a huge mess.  Today I'm just going to talk about the furniture and I talk about organizing everything here and the stuff on the walls right here.

My favorite part of the room is the giant craft table  that my husband built for my birthday using Ana-White plans.  Some girls ask for flowers or jewelry, I ask for furniture.  In fact the only furniture in the craft room that isn't built using Ana-White plans is the dresser which was thrifted and the barstools from Ikea.

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Playroom Tour

Welcome to a little tour of our playroom! The playroom is a loft area right at the top of our stairs. Which is great because I can hear the kids quietly playing. I can also hear the toy battles before they turn into all out wars.

My kids range in age from 3 to 14 and they all love this room. The older boys mostly just use this room to play xbox or Wii.  Almost all the stuff in this room is a previous project so I've already posted about it.  All the links for the previous projects and the sources of everything are at the end of the post!  Have fun on the tour.

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Henrietta Chair {Annie Sloan chalk paint}

I found this great chair at Goodwill for $10.  I've been looking for the perfect chair for my entryway and loved the legs on this one.

The before was not too bad but I knew I wanted to paint it since I already have a couple different wood stained tables in that area.

I painted two coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Henrietta and then finished up with the clear wax.  I wasn't sure I liked chalk paint when I first tried it on E's bookshelf  a few weeks ago.  I loved the look of the finish but it is just so different than latex paint.  The brush strokes are more visible with it and the waxing is more work than the actual painting.  It is getting easier to work with as I get used to it.  The seat is recovered in some Anna Maria Horner Home Decor-the line is called Drawing room.  The purple in the fabric matches the paint color perfectly!

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