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Pallet Shelf gallery wall {teen boy bedroom}

I just love gallery walls. I think I have one in every room of my house! This is the one in my teen son's bedroom. The one with the Rustic headboard and Farmhouse desk.

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Playroom Tour

Welcome to a little tour of our playroom! The playroom is a loft area right at the top of our stairs. Which is great because I can hear the kids quietly playing. I can also hear the toy battles before they turn into all out wars.

My kids range in age from 3 to 14 and they all love this room. The older boys mostly just use this room to play xbox or Wii.  Almost all the stuff in this room is a previous project so I've already posted about it.  All the links for the previous projects and the sources of everything are at the end of the post!  Have fun on the tour.

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Playroom gallery wall {gallery wall tips}

Anybody else totally overwhelmed by fall school schedules and sports?  I sure am!  Wish I could spray paint on the sidelines at soccer practice but my kids think that would be embarrassing.  So I've been trying to sneak some time between carpools and lunch making to do some crafts.

The playroom is just about done.  Our new playroom has one big wall for art instead of the two smaller ones in the old playroom so I had to redo some and add some more pictures.

Here it is all finished!

  Playroom Gallery wall
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