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Laundry room makeover with Ana White Brook laundry dressers

One of the rooms that really needed help was my brother's laundry room.  With five kids they have A LOT of laundry but the room didn't have a spot for clean laundry and they weren't using the space they had as well as they could.  BEFORE-This brings a whole new meaning to airing your families dirty laundry.

The first thing we did was build two of the Ana White Brook Laundry dressers.  The same ones I have in my laundry room.  Now they have a clean basket for each person in their family and one for towels/sheets.  The dirty laundry will go in the hamper that has 3 separate sections for sorting next to the laundry dressers.

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Ana White Brook Laundry Basket Dresser {Building}

Are you ready for the details on my laundry basket dressers?  I think this might be my favorite thing I've ever made.  It's life changing to have somewhere for the clean laundry!!  I've only been using the basket dressers for a few days but I'm totally in love.  That is a lot of raving about LAUNDRY but I'm sure those with lots of kids understand how fast you can get behind.  I am so excited that Ana was nice enough to write a plan for the 4 high dressers that I built!  So check out the plan and I'll show you the steps I followed to build it.

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Laundry Room Update {Ana White Laundry dressers}

So excited to show you my laundry room update.  Remember how the laundry room looked last summer?

I had my family command center with all the art supplies and chore charts.  Worked so great for months.  Then my craft room got all finished and nobody used the dresser anymore.  So the dresser got hauled out to the garage (and is getting repainted for one of the boys rooms!).  I decided Ana White's laundry basket dressers would be the perfect solution for that spot.

Three laundry basket dressers, four baskets high fit perfectly where the dresser was.  Totally a better use of space too.  I am TERRIBLE at folding laundry.  I usually make a pile of clean laundry next to my bed that I'm going to fold someday and have a hard time getting to it.

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