Laundry room makeover with Ana White Brook laundry dressers

One of the rooms that really needed help was my brother's laundry room.  With five kids they have A LOT of laundry but the room didn't have a spot for clean laundry and they weren't using the space they had as well as they could.  BEFORE-This brings a whole new meaning to airing your families dirty laundry.

The first thing we did was build two of the Ana White Brook Laundry dressers.  The same ones I have in my laundry room.  Now they have a clean basket for each person in their family and one for towels/sheets.  The dirty laundry will go in the hamper that has 3 separate sections for sorting next to the laundry dressers.

My brother actually built these all by himself and is a beginner builder so they really are easy to build.  The only difference between his dressers and mine is that we used 2x2's for the rails instead of the 1x2's on mine.  I have 2 baskets that sometimes slip down when I pull them out so using 2x2's gives the baskets a bigger area to sit on.

I primed and painted them with the same paint as I used on my nephew's dresser.  Zinsser cover stain primer and Valspar's kitchen and bath enamel in soft gloss all applied with a paintbrush and 4 inch foam roller.

We also improved their dryer by switching the dryer door orientation so it opened towards the washer.  Most dryer doors can be switched which can really help make changing your laundry faster.  We also cleaned the lint from under the lint trap and the vent hoses leading outside.  If your dryer seems to be taking a really long time to dry a load you could have lint trapped in the hose so clean it out!  It will cut down on your electric bill and help prevent house fires!

Now their laundry room is way more practical and user friendly.  You don't have to totally redo a room to improve it!
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