Laundry Room Update {Ana White Laundry dressers}

So excited to show you my laundry room update.  Remember how the laundry room looked last summer?

I had my family command center with all the art supplies and chore charts.  Worked so great for months.  Then my craft room got all finished and nobody used the dresser anymore.  So the dresser got hauled out to the garage (and is getting repainted for one of the boys rooms!).  I decided Ana White's laundry basket dressers would be the perfect solution for that spot.

Three laundry basket dressers, four baskets high fit perfectly where the dresser was.  Totally a better use of space too.  I am TERRIBLE at folding laundry.  I usually make a pile of clean laundry next to my bed that I'm going to fold someday and have a hard time getting to it.

Now I'm just going to take it out of the dryer and put it in each person's basket.  Then the kids can just pull the basket out and take the stuff up to their room and put it away.  In a perfect world.  In reality I can see my boys coming down and getting dressed in the actual laundry room after digging in their basket for clean socks and jeans.  The upside is that then their dirty laundry will be in the right spot!

Each person has their own basket for laundry.  Plus one for towels and one for sheets.  The kids also have a basket for their other junk.  Hats, gloves, papers, toys, anything of theirs left strewn on the floor.  The little labels are a 2.5 x 3.5 pieces of wood I cut with the chop saw and painted black.  Then I used my silhouette to cut labels in vinyl. 

I bought some big steel tubs for storing stuff on top of the laundry dresser.  The big tubs hold cleaning products and table linens.  The dressers are tall enough that I feel safe keeping the cleaners up there out of reach of my preschool gal.  Then I have a bucket for bathroom cleaning stuff  that the boys can grab quick for their chores and one holding clean dish towels and rags.  I also have my antique washboard and iron that are great for doing laundry during power outages...LOL. 

The dirty clothes I keep in baskets on the W/D.   I made new curtains out of some Amy Butler Love fabric that I already had. 

The kids chore chart  and family calender is still in the laundry room just on a different wall.  If you need some helpful room cleaning step by step charts then you can still print the ones I made for my kids in google docs

I'm actually excited to do some laundry!  Really feeling optimistic that the dressers will help me keep the laundry under control! 

Update:  My bloggy buddy Ana-White wrote up some plans just for my dressers!  You can check out the laundry dresser plans over at Ana-White.

Also be sure and check out Friday's post with paint colors and my step by step pictures as well as cost info.


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