Sewing & Craft Room Tour {Furniture}

I'm so excited to show you guys my craft room!  Or maybe I'll call it my studio since that makes me sound cool.  It is my favorite part of my entire house and my family spends lots of time in here making awesome stuff.  Which makes photographing this room REALLY hard since it's always a huge mess.  Today I'm just going to talk about the furniture and I talk about organizing everything here and the stuff on the walls right here.

My favorite part of the room is the giant craft table  that my husband built for my birthday using Ana-White plans.  Some girls ask for flowers or jewelry, I ask for furniture.  In fact the only furniture in the craft room that isn't built using Ana-White plans is the dresser which was thrifted and the barstools from Ikea.

The craft table is the modern craft table  and it was built with no modifications to the original plan.  The table is a great working height and can fit two counter stools perfectly.  I primed the table and then painted it with Behr's Windwood Springs which was the same color I used on the family command center dresser.  The table cost about $150-160.  The shelves on the craft table are pine and the top is plywood with pine edging.

I found some buckets from the farm supply store that fit perfectly on the end shelves.  The pails were about $5 each and are 9 inches tall.

Love!  The open shelves are perfect for storing fabric and I've been sewing a lot more now that my fabric is out where I can see it.

I found an old wood lazy susan at Goodwill for $2 and painted it pink.  It's perfect for holding art supplies and making sharing art supplies with siblings easier.

The office corner.  The corner desk we built last year using two old filing cabinets and Ana White Corner Desk plans.

E's little table and stool that she got for Christmas sit next to the big desk and give her a little spot to do projects and to color if I am on the computer.

I am still totally in love with the sewing table we built last year with modified Ana White narrow farmhouse plans .  The rustic bench is perfect there especially when I am using both machines at once.  Then when I need to use the other machine I just slide over.  It's also nice to have a spot for Ellie to sit and "help" me sew.

The storage dresser I refinished in Japan a couple of years ago.  It was my first big refinishing project and it's held up really great.  It stores the majority of my crafting supplies.

The craft room is where our formal dining room is supposed to be.  It's in a totally open section of our house right off the entryway and between the living room and kitchen.  The great thing is that I can craft/sew and still know what all my kids are up to.  The bad thing is that if the room is a mess than everyone that comes over sees it!  Which isn't really a big deal since everyone already knows about my crafting problem!

 The one moment in time this room was totally clean!!

Paint Colors:

Craft Table: Behr's Windwood Spring

Corner Desk, Farmhouse Table, Kid Table: Sherwin Williams Dover White

Sewing Bench: Rustoleum Night Tide

Craft Dresser: Glidden Antique Classic White
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