You are my sunshine art...

 I've been loving all the subway art I've seen lately and I had an extra canvas laying around.  You know you have some sort of crafting "issue" if you have extra canvases just laying around!  I thought I'd make some fun art for the boys bedroom.  I got the big vinyl letters at Office Max in their sign section. A pack of a bunch of different 4 inch vinyl letters was about $5.  The small letters I dug out of my scrapbooking stash.  I drew a few straight lights with the pencil to make sure I put the letters on straight and then just stuck them on there!  Once it looked how I wanted I just painted over the whole thing letters and all with a paint roller and a sample of Behr's cheerful hue.

After it dried I peeled the letters off and had this!  Cute!

It looks adorable in the boys room and was $8, $5 for the letter, $3 for the paint!  Plus I still have leftover paint and letters for future projects.

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Painting laminate furniture...

I think everyone that got married in the 90's has one of these light pine laminate TV cabinets.  Ours spent 6 years in storage and then didn't match any of our other furniture or fit the newer flat TV that we have now.  So I repurposed it and put it in the boys room.  To hold legos and the french horn.  If you have a giant french horn then the space you put the TV is the PERFECT spot for it!  Who knew?

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Doll highchair and cradle...

Have I mentioned that I love having a little girl?  I love the pink.  I love the toys!  After three boys it's so much fun to buy presents that aren't legos or Star Wars themed!  Ellie got the same type of cradle that we made for Water4Christmas.  

The doll cradle and highchair patterns are from this Etsy seller.  It was about $12 for both patterns.  I've seen some free high chair and doll bed patterns on Ana White's site.  But I wanted something that was more antique looking and would look cute with the pink play kitchen.  

I painted them both with my favorite pink Behr's Powdered blush.  They each took about one board of 1x12 so I think the total cost for the cradle, highchair and patterns was about $40. 

Love how the highchair turned out!  The doll is 15 inches so I think it's designed for a slightly bigger doll.  But the doll doesn't seem to care and eats her fake food just fine from this chair.

 I made the little pad from some Amy Butler Love fabric.

I think it looks perfect with the little kitchen and she LOVES the chair and the cradle.  Usually there are multiple babies heaped in both.

Christmas eve.  I finished this in the nick of time!  I even had to put wrapping paper down on the carpet since the paint wasn't quite dry.  The adorable doll clothes were made by my Grandma.  The same kind that she used to make me when I was little.  LOVE them.  Ellie and I will have to play doll dress up and show off her Great Grandma's cute outfits she made with no pattern.  My husband was even impressed especially since every outfit has a matching hat and even little bloomers.  My Grandma is totally where I get my DIY gene.  I remember making doll house furniture with her and sewing little barbie outfits, even painting furniture!  Such great memories. 

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Be brave, paint your dining room furniture...

When we moved to Japan 6 years ago we had two kids.  When we came back from Japan we had 4 kids, 2 of who were almost teenagers.  This was the dining room set we had in storage.  This was it fully expanded with leaves.  Not big enough but we also had lots of other things to purchase on our move back to the states and a $1000 dining room set was not on that list.  Then I remembered this post I'd seen on Sarah's blog about painting your dining room furniture.  So I sold this set on Craigslist for $100 and started searching for a set that was big enough that I could paint.

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Ana-White ten dollar ledges...

My goal for January is to get my kitchen/dining room cute.  My goal for February might be to get the strangers taken out of the frames and put some of our family.  One of my kids was looking at the pictures the other day and even asked "Do we know them?"  But it's progress from the bag of frames sitting on the dining room table!  I got all the frames at Michael's on a big frame sale they had a week or two ago.  

These are the Ana White ten dollar ledges.  I LOVE these.  In fact this is what we made for Christmas for our siblings that we drew names for and our parents.  For about $30 in wood we built 5 sets of 3 foot shelves.  

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Mirror inspired by Pottery Barn "Eagan Mirror"...

Have you seen the Pottery Barn Eagan Mirror?  Love!  The Lettered Cottage had a great tutorial that can be found here!  We used Kevin and Layla's tutorial for this project.  But make sure that you do your own measurements because 8" mirrors can vary in size.  The ones from Michael's were just shy of 8 inches and the ones from Walmart were exactly 8 inches and that small amount of size makes a big difference especially if you have the bigger mirrors.  The only thing we changed from their tutorial was we cut the back board slightly smaller and put molding on the side to hide the hardware in the back. Then just glued the other molding and a smidge of the mirror to the molding.

Total cost for the entire mirror was about $80.

Mirrors were purchased for $3 each at Walmart for a total of $32.
Molding for sides was about $10. 
Skinny molding for insides was $8-10.
We used particle board for the back and it was $14 for two 2'x4' sheets.  One sheet we only used a few inches of and can use the leftover for another project.
Liquid nails for mirrors was about $6.
Rust-oleum metallic paint was $8 a can.  It only took one can and we sprayed behind the mirrors as well.

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Fake mantle inspired by Pottery Barn "Decorative ledge"...

Our current house has no fireplace which leads to decorating problems around the holidays.  Then I found the Decorative Ledge from Pottery barn.  Which I loved.  But the $400 price tag I did not love so I decided to make my own.  Which at my house means showing my husband a picture and then having him make it.  

This is what I ended up with, for $60!  

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Big girl bed...

After 13 years our house is without a crib!  We decided to say Goodbye to E's baby crib and get her a big girl bed.  She just turned 27 months old and was getting too big for the baby bed.  Goodbye pink crib!  We found it a new home and sold it through Craigslist for $80.  

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