Fake mantle inspired by Pottery Barn "Decorative ledge"...

Our current house has no fireplace which leads to decorating problems around the holidays.  Then I found the Decorative Ledge from Pottery barn.  Which I loved.  But the $400 price tag I did not love so I decided to make my own.  Which at my house means showing my husband a picture and then having him make it.  

This is what I ended up with, for $60!  

I will attempt to sort of explain how my husband did it but if you need a detailed tutorial there is a similar shelf over at Burlap and Blue.

For $60 I bought:

1 piece of crown molding.  It was like 5.5 inches.  But if you measured it from edge to edge it was like 7 inches.  That was the most expensive thing at $16.  

3 pieces of thin molding at 1/2 inch.

1 piece of molding at 1 inch.

1-1x6 by 8 piece of pine for the top piece.

2-2x8 by 8.


Here's a picture showing my pile of wood sort of how it was going to be assembled.  

This is the back after it was finished.  One of the 2x8's got cut into three pieces to make the shelf lighter.  It still ended up super heavy at about 40 lbs.  So make sure you use the right hanging hardware so it doesn't fall!

The back.

Some close ups so you can see where all the molding got attached.  My husband glued the molding on with wood glue and then used some finish nails to attach it.  I primed it and then painted it with a few coats of Valspar's white paint in satin finish that comes in the premixed cans. 

Now I just need to work on stuff to decorate my new fake mantle.  This ended up hanging in the dining room.  The wall color is Sherwin Williams "Nomadic Desert" which I think is the perfect tan.  The mirror above the mantle is also a knock off.  It's similar to the "Eagan mirror" found here at Pottery barn. Details on the mirror can be found right here!

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