Ana-White ten dollar ledges...

My goal for January is to get my kitchen/dining room cute.  My goal for February might be to get the strangers taken out of the frames and put some of our family.  One of my kids was looking at the pictures the other day and even asked "Do we know them?"  But it's progress from the bag of frames sitting on the dining room table!  I got all the frames at Michael's on a big frame sale they had a week or two ago.  

These are the Ana White ten dollar ledges.  I LOVE these.  In fact this is what we made for Christmas for our siblings that we drew names for and our parents.  For about $30 in wood we built 5 sets of 3 foot shelves.  

I painted them black and then decided I wanted them white so more painting.  This is Valspar's interior enamel in Satin white.  It's the premixed stuff that is about $8 a can.

 Love!  Wall color is Sherwin Williams "Nomadic desert".

I finally arranged all the pictures!  The post can be found here!

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