Painting laminate furniture...

I think everyone that got married in the 90's has one of these light pine laminate TV cabinets.  Ours spent 6 years in storage and then didn't match any of our other furniture or fit the newer flat TV that we have now.  So I repurposed it and put it in the boys room.  To hold legos and the french horn.  If you have a giant french horn then the space you put the TV is the PERFECT spot for it!  Who knew?

I think parts of it are real wood but a lot of it is laminate.  I removed the doors and knobs and then put a coat of Valspar Contractors bonding primer on it.  It says on the can that it will even adhere to glossy tile and I've used it for quite a few projects with great success.  I didn't sand it AT ALL.  No sanding!

After the primer was dry I put on one coat of Valspars Gray teal in satin.  Love.

It fit in a little corner of the boys room just perfect!  It's been painted in there for like 3 months and not one chip!  Which says a lot considering that 3 boys live in this room and there are tons of nerf gun battles and basketball games going on in here.

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