You are my sunshine art...

 I've been loving all the subway art I've seen lately and I had an extra canvas laying around.  You know you have some sort of crafting "issue" if you have extra canvases just laying around!  I thought I'd make some fun art for the boys bedroom.  I got the big vinyl letters at Office Max in their sign section. A pack of a bunch of different 4 inch vinyl letters was about $5.  The small letters I dug out of my scrapbooking stash.  I drew a few straight lights with the pencil to make sure I put the letters on straight and then just stuck them on there!  Once it looked how I wanted I just painted over the whole thing letters and all with a paint roller and a sample of Behr's cheerful hue.

After it dried I peeled the letters off and had this!  Cute!

It looks adorable in the boys room and was $8, $5 for the letter, $3 for the paint!  Plus I still have leftover paint and letters for future projects.

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