Master bedroom spruce up...

I just finished a little spruce up in our master bedroom.  The room was fine just really boring.



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Painting the butterfly cabinet

Disclaimer since I know some people are going to freak that I painted this cabinet.  I bought it for SUPER cheap because it was already broken.  Because if someone has a piece of crap furniture that is broken they offer it to me because everyone knows I LOVE broken junk.  Then we moved the cabinet to America and it got even more broken.  To fix it took a lot of wood glue and wood fill and there was no way to replicate the finish so I just painted it.  Plus I didn't love the red.  It is NOT an antique so it's okay.

Wow an entire paragraph of excuses!

Here is the before.


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Easy living room pillows-tutorial

So today I made some easy pillows out of the leftover curtain fabric.  The fabric is Waverly lovely lattice in lagoon purchased from here.  I took some photos of the process so I can show you how easy it is (and SO much cheaper than buying pillows).


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Staircase gallery wall

My stairway gallery wall is finished!  My stairway that was previously really boring is now inspirational and happy.  I just typed up all my favorite sayings on the computer and printed them on cream cardstock.

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Spring Mantel

Ready for spring?  I am!  Come on sunshine!  Ready for a little spring mantel tour?  If you recall my husband made the mantel and the mirror.  Love having a little spot to decorate.


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How to arrange a ledge shelf

So excited to have another spot to hold my favorite pictures.  I think my family is excited to have the strangers that have been in our frames for MONTHS gone too.  These are the ten dollar ledge shelves from Ana White that we built in January.  It's such an easy plan and great starter project.  Love how it turned out.

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How to hang a gallery wall

This week is picture week here at BeingBrook!  I started on Friday with a big pile of frames on the garage shelf and so far we've hung up FIFTY-ONE and the shelf is down to just three lonely frames.

So excited to show you where I hung them all.  We are starting with the living room.  The sad and lonely room I showed you last week.  It is coming along great.

Here is the gallery we hung above the couch.  I am trying to make this room feel calm and relaxing so I went with all black frames and black and white photos.  Love!!


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