Spring Mantel

Ready for spring?  I am!  Come on sunshine!  Ready for a little spring mantel tour?  If you recall my husband made the mantel and the mirror.  Love having a little spot to decorate.


One of my favorites is the pink felt wreath!  Love the ruffles and the pink.  I've been seeing these all over blog land for months and really wanted one.  It was way easy and cheap too.  I got one of those green styrofoam floral wreaths at Michaels for $6 and used my 40% off coupon.  Then about 2 yards of pink felt that I got on sale a few months ago for $3.  You cut about 200 3 inch circles (I just used a juice glass as a template) then fold them in 4's and pin into the foam.  Repeat 200 times while you watch a few hours of TV and you get a super cute wreath (and really sore thumb from pinning).


So cute!!


It did take forever and had lots of cutting.  I think I watched three episodes of that new coupon show, 1 Hoarders and a Nate show!


Love these little hand painted eggs.  I bought them from this super cool gift shop in Japan that had the cutest stuff from all over Asia.  I think these were made in Thailand.


Some wheatgrass from the grocery store.


The easter bunny.  She even has wings.


My cute little metal bunny also from the same Japanese gift shop.  I had a set of six of these cute guys and I found five of them smushed in the easter box.  I guess they didn't survive the boat ride from Japan to Seattle too well.  Poor bunnies.


My daughter's first easter back when she could fit in her basket!


Some grocery store daisies.


I didn't spend a ton either.  Just $7 for the wreath, $2 for the daisies and $2 for the wheatgrass!


Love how cheerful it turned out!
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