Easy living room pillows-tutorial

So today I made some easy pillows out of the leftover curtain fabric.  The fabric is Waverly lovely lattice in lagoon purchased from here.  I took some photos of the process so I can show you how easy it is (and SO much cheaper than buying pillows).


You need a pillow form.  I took mine from the old living room pillows.  Mine are 17" by 17".


Then I cut out a big chunk of fabric that was 1" wider than the pillow form so 18" and then twice as long plus 1" as the pillow form.  I should have added 2" so it would have overlapped more.  So the piece is 18" by 36" but if you had the same pillow form you should do 18" by 37" and you would get a better overlap in the back.


Then I folded each 18" side over 1/4 inch and ironed the raw end.


Then I folded it over another 1/4" and ironed again so that you can't see any raw fabric.  Then sewed it right along the edge.


Then take the fabric and have the right sides facing in and the newly sewn edges overlapping in the back and sew along the two outside edges.


So they should look like this.  I serged mine but it would be fine to just sew it and leave the edges raw because you won't see them.


Then turn the pillow right side out and put the pillow form in.  Done!  It only took me about 15 minutes per pillow.  This is what the back looks like.  See what I mean by I should have added another little inch or so? Finished is better than perfect!


I also got a new slipcover for the chair.  Ikea for like $30!  I'm sure I'll have to wash it every 2 days or so.


I found a few cloth napkins at World Market that matched the room perfect so I decided to make those into pillows too.   Cheap way to make pillows.  The napkins were $1.50 each so each pillow cost $3.  I just stuffed them with one of our old flattened pillows.




I love the little touch of green.



The living room is almost finished!  Remember the red cabinet?  I can't wait to show you what I did to it!!  Now I'm going to go straighten the lamp shade and vacuum up the cheerios.  Amazing the stuff you notice when you look at a photo of your own house but don't notice when you are standing in it!
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