How to arrange a ledge shelf

So excited to have another spot to hold my favorite pictures.  I think my family is excited to have the strangers that have been in our frames for MONTHS gone too.  These are the ten dollar ledge shelves from Ana White that we built in January.  It's such an easy plan and great starter project.  Love how it turned out.


So first I gathered all the frames that I wanted to use.  I think a cute ledge shelf is about layering and having things different colors, textures and sizes.  I also used color photographs since it's a small space and I wanted it cheerful.  I messed with the layout until it looked just how I wanted.


Then I started spray painting the frames that were not the color I wanted.   I big puffy heart love that Rustoleum Universal stuff.  It's more expensive (like $7 a can) but it covers SO well and the trigger is much easier to use.  I also primed the frames I also primed the frames with the same Kilz primer I used on the lamp I spray painted last week.


Then I made my photo chart and ordered my photos.


Then a few days went by in which my entire family had to weave around the frames in the garage where they were patiently waiting long after they were dry.  You can probably skip that part.  So I got putting my shelf back together and  about two seconds after getting the aqua frame up there I said "Ugh"because it did not look as cute on the shelf as it did in my dreams.


So I hauled those two aqua frames back outside and spray painted them silver.  The good thing about being a spraypaintaholic is that I have a wide selection of color choices to shop in my own garage!  I also switched the white mat for a black one on the biker picture.  LOVE!  The best part is that I only bought 2 new frames for this project!

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