Painting the butterfly cabinet

Disclaimer since I know some people are going to freak that I painted this cabinet.  I bought it for SUPER cheap because it was already broken.  Because if someone has a piece of crap furniture that is broken they offer it to me because everyone knows I LOVE broken junk.  Then we moved the cabinet to America and it got even more broken.  To fix it took a lot of wood glue and wood fill and there was no way to replicate the finish so I just painted it.  Plus I didn't love the red.  It is NOT an antique so it's okay.

Wow an entire paragraph of excuses!

Here is the before.


Broken leg.


There were quite a few chunks missing that had to be wood filled.


After!  I LOVE it.  The stenciling was pretty but I have a much simpler style and it was just too ornate for my house.  I was so afraid to paint this piece but I'm so glad I did.


I didn't sand it because I had no idea what the finish was before.  I started with Glidden gripper primer and followed it up with like 3 coats of Sherwin Williams latex enamel in Rainwashed.  It took FOREVER to paint because the big butterfly doesn't come off so I had to do around the butterfly with a teeny tiny craft brush.


Here's the living room before.




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And just to keep it real this is what my toddler did RIGHT after we moved the finished piece back.


She scribbled ALL over it with a colored pencil.  Hard enough to gouge the barely dry paint.  UGH!!  A few coats of paint later and it was pretty...again!

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