Gray Dresser {Annie Sloan French Linen}

Tuesday / 11 comments
I'm working on my daughter's room the next few weeks.  So excited to show you all the cute projects!  I started with her dresser that I painted with the new Annie Sloan Chalk paint color-French Linen.

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Pink and Silver Valentine's Mantle {Heart Glitter Garland}

Saturday / 4 comments
Only a few weeks until Valentine's Day!  Valentine's is one of my favorite holiday to decorate for.  Love any chance to use some pink and glitter!

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Coat Makeover {Satin Flower}

Tuesday / 2 comments
Washington had a big snowstorm last week that knocked out the power for most of my week.  So today I have a lovely little coat makeover that doesn't require electricity!  It's not weird that I was doing craft projects with no power, right?  It's not like I could watch TV.

I bought my daughter this cute little coat last year from Old Navy.  It was a little big last year and fits perfect this year but has lost all but one button.  One button makes a pretty drafty coat.

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Craft Room Art {Home Decor}

Monday / 5 comments
I have this thing for inspirational art.  I LOVE to be surrounded by encouraging words and sayings like on my staircase gallery wall.  So my office/craft/sewing studio has lots of happy sayings!  Today I'm going to tell you where I got it all.  If you want more details about the craft room then go visit the furniture post and the organizing post!

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Organizing the Craft Room {Folding Fabric}

Wednesday / 18 comments
You ready to see where I keep all my crafting stuff?  Finding a spot for all my treasures and glitter stash was the hardest part of the whole craft room creation.   I even had to...gasp, get rid of some of it!  I don't know about you but parting with one tiny scrap of fabric is SO hard for me.  I even got rid of that half finished cross stitch from the 90's.

If you go a ENTIRE DECADE without finishing a project than it's safe to say that you are never going to finish it.It was hard but so worth it because now I know exactly where everything is and what I have.  No more buying stuff again because I forgot I had it or can't find it.

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Sewing & Craft Room Tour {Furniture}

Sunday / 109 comments
I'm so excited to show you guys my craft room!  Or maybe I'll call it my studio since that makes me sound cool.  It is my favorite part of my entire house and my family spends lots of time in here making awesome stuff.  Which makes photographing this room REALLY hard since it's always a huge mess.  Today I'm just going to talk about the furniture and I talk about organizing everything here and the stuff on the walls right here.

My favorite part of the room is the giant craft table  that my husband built for my birthday using Ana-White plans.  Some girls ask for flowers or jewelry, I ask for furniture.  In fact the only furniture in the craft room that isn't built using Ana-White plans is the dresser which was thrifted and the barstools from Ikea.

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3-D Book page Heart Mobile {Valentine's Day}

Thursday / 41 comments
I've been working on cleaning out my sewing/craft room the past few weeks.  My biggest problem is that as soon as I get stuff cleaned up a little I find something that others would classify as trash and have to turn it into something fun!  Today I'm going to show you how I made a heart mobile out of an old lampshade and a thrifted book.

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Organizing Kids School Papers

Monday / 4 comments
It's January which means that it's time to start organizing. I am really trying to tackle the paperwork at my house. I'm terrible at paperwork and like to make paper piles. Then when I get too many piles and am having guests over I take the pile and slide it into a laundry basket and put it in a closet to deal with later. GASP! Shameful. Part of the reason my paper is a mess is because its not easy to file things because my file drawers are too full.

Then I found this fabulous idea on Pinterest from IHeartOrganizing to put your kids school papers in their own files.  Oh Pinterest how you solve so many of my problems. Genius.

I bought 4 plastic file bins from Walmart. They were on an end cap and on sale. Which I still don't understand because they had some that looked almost exactly the same in a different display for like $10. They were really dusty and must have been last years colors or something. Along with my paper problem I have a container collecting problem. A horrible addiction. Luckily since these were so cheap my darling husband only rolled his eyes when I hunted him down in electronics with my cart full of bins.

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