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Organizing Kids School Papers

It's January which means that it's time to start organizing. I am really trying to tackle the paperwork at my house. I'm terrible at paperwork and like to make paper piles. Then when I get too many piles and am having guests over I take the pile and slide it into a laundry basket and put it in a closet to deal with later. GASP! Shameful. Part of the reason my paper is a mess is because its not easy to file things because my file drawers are too full.

Then I found this fabulous idea on Pinterest from IHeartOrganizing to put your kids school papers in their own files.  Oh Pinterest how you solve so many of my problems. Genius.

I bought 4 plastic file bins from Walmart. They were on an end cap and on sale. Which I still don't understand because they had some that looked almost exactly the same in a different display for like $10. They were really dusty and must have been last years colors or something. Along with my paper problem I have a container collecting problem. A horrible addiction. Luckily since these were so cheap my darling husband only rolled his eyes when I hunted him down in electronics with my cart full of bins.

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