Coat Makeover {Satin Flower}

Washington had a big snowstorm last week that knocked out the power for most of my week.  So today I have a lovely little coat makeover that doesn't require electricity!  It's not weird that I was doing craft projects with no power, right?  It's not like I could watch TV.

I bought my daughter this cute little coat last year from Old Navy.  It was a little big last year and fits perfect this year but has lost all but one button.  One button makes a pretty drafty coat.

To make your own fancy coat you will need:
1. A coat-I see coats all the time at the thrift store that just need a little spruce up.
2. Thread
3. Buttons (I bought mine at Michael's-$4 for 4)
4. Satin cut into different sized circles
5. Plastic pearl beads (a bag of like 250 is a couple dollars)
7. Pin for back of flower
6. Scissors
7.  Candle and lighter

Make your hair flower by just melting the edges of the satin circles until they curl up.  I made this flower the same way I made the hair flowers last year.

Pile up your different sized circles until they look just how you want.

Sew a couple beads into the center.

Sew the pin onto the back of the flower.  Or if you have electricity you can use hot glue!

Sew on your buttons!  It's way easy to sew buttons onto old coats since you can usually tell where the previous buttons were!

Easy!  Cute!  Cheap!

Go fix something!
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