DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Calendar {Building}

This is the first year I've had all my kids in school!  My youngest just started preschool a few days a week so I'm determined to become a more organized person.  Starting with our family schedules and calendar.  I've always struggled with the keeping a family calendar.  When I have a paper calendar I am afraid to write stuff down because I don't want the paper messed up if plans change.  This is especially true for things like workouts or menus that are constantly skipped...or changed before dinner.  I tried a dry erase calendar but many times the carefully written schedule "accidentally" gets erased by a preschooler so they can do more important things like color.

So I decided to build my own calendar that met all my picky expectations.  I am loving it because it's a chalkboard and I love chalkboards. Plus the calendar is magnetic and the spaces are a big 4"x4" giving lots of room to fit in all the activities of a busy family.

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Hanging Decorations above Beds

I found some soccer art for my tween son's bedroom.   I bought it on Etsy and it has a rustic look but is printed on metallic paper.  He is obsessed with skateboarding and soccer so I thought it would be perfect.  When I hung it up I realized that now I have something hanging above all the beds in the house.

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Halloween Candle Tray {Scrapbooking Attitude}

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I think because it's my Grandma's favorite holiday and she goes ALL out.  When I was growing up she would have the most elaborate Halloween parties every year with amazing decorations.  At the end of the party my Great Grandma would hand out GIANT popcorn balls that she handmade.  Delicious.  So I'm totally blaming my Grandma that I could only wait until the beginning of September to start pulling out the Halloween decor!  This year I have a new addition to my decor.  A Halloween candle tray made with a new product called Scrapbooking Attitude.

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Decorating with Antique Door Knobs

Remember E's bedroom that I've been slowly working on for forever?  It will probably be all finished the week we have to move again!

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Ana White: The Handbuilt Home

I'm so excited today! For two reasons.

One: My boys all went back to school today! Love having them home all summer but sheesh they were so bored the last week or two. I think we were all sick of summer (or maybe just me the Mom? LOL).

Two: My friend Ana White wrote a totally awesome book called The Handbuilt Home! The book has 34 furniture plans.

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