Decorating with Antique Door Knobs

Remember E's bedroom that I've been slowly working on for forever?  It will probably be all finished the week we have to move again!

I wanted a place to hang E's special baby dress so today I have a tutorial on how to make a keepsake hanger out of an antique doorknob!


2 pieces of pine 1"x4" cut into a square
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint & Clear Wax
Antique Door Knob
Epoxy Resin (I used Envirotex Lite)

I needed something to screw into and antique door knobs don't usually take standard screws.  So I started by taping off my antique door knob and mixing up some resin to fill the old screw hole.  Beckie from Infarrantly Creative has an in depth tutorial if you need more help with this part.  Then I painted my two pieces of pine with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in French Linen which is the same color as her dresser.

On one of the wood pieces I used my keyhole bit on my router to make a spot to hang the little doorknob shelf from the wall.  The other piece of wood I marked the middle and then 1/2 inch down on each side and traced two lines to give the front of the wood a little angle.

I used a miter saw to cut the angles out and then nailed the top of the shelf to the bottom piece with a nail gun and finish nails.  You could totally glue and hammer this with regular nails too.

Now it's time to drill a pilot hole in the wood for your doorknob and drill a pilot hole into your doorknob where the resin is.

Then screw a screw through your wood into the doorknob.  Once my little shelf was all built I touched up the paint and waxed it with some soft wax.
Finished!  The little shelf is perfect for her special baby cup.  The little pearl hanger is from the dollar store in Japan.

Do you take forever to decorate a room or are you the type of person that gets it all finished at once?  I take a long time but I say I'm letting the room evolve over time!

If you love old door knobs like me then be sure to check out the pallet coat rack I made for the entry!

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