Hanging Decorations above Beds

I found some soccer art for my tween son's bedroom.   I bought it on Etsy and it has a rustic look but is printed on metallic paper.  He is obsessed with skateboarding and soccer so I thought it would be perfect.  When I hung it up I realized that now I have something hanging above all the beds in the house.

The master bedroom has a round mirror from Overstock.  I don't love the black mirror with the black bed so I might paint it.  What do think, paint it or leave it?  It was cheaper then a lot of the round mirrors I liked so I figured I could paint it if I didn't end up loving the black.

The dinosaur room has a print from Katie Daisy and a leather letter I made.

My teenager's room just has a simple cardboard "C" I painted with metallic black and bronze paint.

My daughter's room has some Katie Daisy art and a little zig zag wall letter made from a sliced log.

I love the look of decor above beds but want to keep everyone safe.  I think I might replace all the glass in the pictures with plexiglass.  What do you think?  Do you hang things above your beds?


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