Ana White: The Handbuilt Home

I'm so excited today! For two reasons.

One: My boys all went back to school today! Love having them home all summer but sheesh they were so bored the last week or two. I think we were all sick of summer (or maybe just me the Mom? LOL).

Two: My friend Ana White wrote a totally awesome book called The Handbuilt Home! The book has 34 furniture plans.

Guess who is Project #17?  Yup me!  I was so thrilled that Ana asked me to be a book contributor.  I remember when I first found Ana's website.  It was almost 3 years ago and our family was still living in a teeny tiny house in Japan.  We didn't have ANY of our own furniture.  Our house was furnished by my husband's job and the few pieces of furniture we had stored back in America while we were in Japan for six years was from college or not big enough for our growing family.  I was so stressed at how we were going to furnish a house for 6 people on a tight budget.

Then I found Ana White and it was the perfect solution!  It started out that my husband was doing all the building.  But he was too busy with work and so I picked up his tools and started to learn how to build myself.  Seriously 18 months ago I had never even touched a hammer, used a saw or a nail gun.  But I got brave and tried it.  Ana's plans are so easy to follow that you don't have to know everything or anything about building furniture to give it a try.  I don't know all the technical building terms but I can follow an Ana White plan!

For the book I got to build a collapsible sewing table!  It's perfect for small spaces.  When it's all set up you have space to cut out your project and sew.  You could even run a serger on one side and your regular machine on the other side.

When the sides collapse you can slide it in a closet or use it as a end table.  So perfect for sewers and crafters without a ton of space.

The Handbuilt Home can be pre-ordered now and gets released October 9th!
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