Playroom gallery wall {gallery wall tips}

Anybody else totally overwhelmed by fall school schedules and sports?  I sure am!  Wish I could spray paint on the sidelines at soccer practice but my kids think that would be embarrassing.  So I've been trying to sneak some time between carpools and lunch making to do some crafts.

The playroom is just about done.  Our new playroom has one big wall for art instead of the two smaller ones in the old playroom so I had to redo some and add some more pictures.

Here it is all finished!

  Playroom Gallery wall
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Map Art {Change your world}

I'm really into Maps right now and wanted some cool art for my teenager's bedroom.  Plus I'm cheap and a paper map is about $5.  I got the actual map at Target in the dorm section.


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Mother Teresa Quote Art {Do it Anyway}

I saw this awesome wall art over at I Am Momma-Hear Me Roar.   Cheri even has the file for sale in her etsy shop for just a few dollars.  I sent the file to Office Depot online and ordered it as an engineer blueprint.  When you do that it's only $3 to print the huge sign!  I just picked it up in my local store a few hours later.


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Annie Sloan Henrietta bookshelf {furniture redo}

Okay I'm going to admit something.  I am getting a little sick of pink.  All my friends promised it would happen after a few years with a girl but I doubted them.  I went from a house with three boys and no pink to an explosion of pink when E was born.  So I decided to add some purple and bought some Annie Sloan chalk paint in Henrietta.  Which come to find out is their version of pink.  I still say it's purple.  Love how it turned out.

Henrietta Bookshelf w/Mod Podged fabric
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Magnetic Alphabet {tutorial}

One of my little ones is heading off to kindergarten this year.!  He's been practicing to write all his letters and starting to spell some easy words.  He does have a hard time remembering exactly what each letter looks like if it's not right in front of him so I thought some little letter magnets would help.  Plus it makes letters fun instead of work!

Gather your supplies.
-Alphabet-I just printed the letters in a word processing program.  My letters were 72 pt.
-Mod podge
-Foam brush
-E6000 for magnets
-Clear disks-I bought these at Michael's in the Garden department.  They were $2.50 for a package of about 20.  Mine are about 1.5 inches in diameter but they come in lots of different sizes.

Magnetic Alphabet
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