Mother Teresa Quote Art {Do it Anyway}

I saw this awesome wall art over at I Am Momma-Hear Me Roar.   Cheri even has the file for sale in her etsy shop for just a few dollars.  I sent the file to Office Depot online and ordered it as an engineer blueprint.  When you do that it's only $3 to print the huge sign!  I just picked it up in my local store a few hours later.


Then we (meaning my husband did it while I gave my opinions) set it on our MDF sheet, measured and then cut the MDF to fit the back of the sign.


Then I spray painted the edges of the cut MDF black.  Just do the edges and a little bit of the top since the paper will cover the rest.


I used mod podge to glue the paper down.  I rolled the sheet up and my husband held it while I applied glue to the bottom half of the MDF and then smoothed the quote onto the MDF and rolled the top half down and did the same thing.  I still ended up with wrinkles even though I tried really hard not to.  I decided I'd just accept my sign with wrinkles and pretend it made it look better!


I sanded the top a little to give it a distressed look and then sprayed some polycylic on to seal it.  Love this quote.


I hung the quote in the living room so I could see it everyday.  Such good things to remember.  The sign cost less than $10 and was pretty easy.



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