Magnetic Alphabet {tutorial}

One of my little ones is heading off to kindergarten this year.!  He's been practicing to write all his letters and starting to spell some easy words.  He does have a hard time remembering exactly what each letter looks like if it's not right in front of him so I thought some little letter magnets would help.  Plus it makes letters fun instead of work!

Gather your supplies.
-Alphabet-I just printed the letters in a word processing program.  My letters were 72 pt.
-Mod podge
-Foam brush
-E6000 for magnets
-Clear disks-I bought these at Michael's in the Garden department.  They were $2.50 for a package of about 20.  Mine are about 1.5 inches in diameter but they come in lots of different sizes.

Magnetic Alphabet

Start by tracing around each letter with a pen.  None of my clear disks was exactly the same so I found it easiest to trace each one separately and then cut it out.


Apply the mod podge with your foam brush.


Put your letter on and press gently then flip it over so it can dry.  My glue looked cloudy until it dried.


After the letters are all dry then apply a little dab of E6000 to the back.


Push your little magnet into the glue and let it dry.  I put mine outside overnight because the E6000 is stinky.  Careful with the magnets and glue around little ones because both can be really dangerous.


Ta-Da!  D has a magnetic chalkboard in his room just like the one we built here.  We've been using that to practice writing his letters.

Magnetic Alphabet

You can even practice spelling words!

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