Quick princess costume for toddler

So I was a total slacker Mom when it came to Halloween costumes this year.  I didn't spend hours sewing and hot gluing instead I made the boys all dig through our giant box of boy costumes.  But that left E without a costume since she didn't have any desire to be a cowboy or Star wars character.  So I whipped up a little princess costume.  So easy.  Quick too.  I've learned my lesson in the past after spending hours making adorable toddler costumes and then ending up with a toddler screaming on the floor refusing to be a puppy.  Don't invest too much time in 2 year olds costumes!

I used my own Tutu Tutorial but used elastic instead of ribbon and then made a pretty princess hat with this tutorial from Skip to my Lou.  I made the hat a little bigger than she did because I wanted it to fit over her head.  I didn't worry about making the hat perfect either especially since I wasn't sure E would even wear it but the glitter on the crown won her over.  I also made the entire ensemble to match her rain boots that she LOVES and wears everywhere.  Success.  Now we just need to teach her to say "Trick or treat".  
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Mom cave tour...

Before.  Someone might have a craft and container problem.  Me?  

After.  Borrowed those curtains from the kitchen.  Need a longer desk for machines.  

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Playroom Chalkboard...

My kids LOVE a chalkboard.  Instant place to color!  I knew I wanted one in the playroom.  I also knew I wanted it big and CHEAP.  I like cheap.  So I went the DIY route.  Which at my house isn't really DIY.  It's more HYHDI (Have your husband do it).  But I painted and accessorized so I get credit too.

I think the whole chalkboard came to about $20 to $30 including the paint and liquid nails that we can still use on other projects.  We bought a sheet of hardboard (some people call it masonite) for about $10.  Then cut it down to 5'x3'.  Then bought regular molding for the sides that was about $15.  After cutting the hardboard I painted it with a few coats of chalkboard paint and then my husband miter cut the molding and used liquid nails to attach it the hardboard.  Some touch up paint and Wa-La.  Fun chalkboard.

Here is a great tutorial on how to cut molding if you want to DIY: Miter Cutting molding

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Cute pink play kitchen...

So for our toddler's birthday I really wanted a pink play kitchen for her. There was a really cute one at Pottery barn but it was like $800 for the whole set.  Cute inspiration kitchen.   Ouch.  Plus I knew I wanted a nice solid wood kitchen that we could keep forever and repaint whenever I get the whim.

So I found these plans:  Ana White kitchen plans.  And this gal who used the Ana White plans and added cute little curtains:  Crafty Chick kitchen with super cute curtains.  So those were our jumping off inspiration points and we changed a few things along the way to fit with the cute kitchen I had living in my head.  In total I think we spent about $200 including all the knobs, pulls, paint and curtain fabric and cute Ikea dishes/food.

It would be way easy to keep it closer to $100 if you just used cheaper wood.  The pink play kitchen is made entirely of pine with beadboard on the back.

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Pink Crib room tour...

Finally finished E's sweet toddler room.  So far she seems to love it and keeps pointing to all the pictures of her as a new baby and saying "Pretty baby".

E's chalkboard table.  Usually filled with lots of scribbles.  The table and chairs were already white.  I just added a couple of coats of black chalkboard paint on the tabletop and painted the chairs hot pink. 

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Airplane mobile...

Today I'm going to show you how I made the airplane mobile for the boys bedroom. It was way easy and they LOVE it.  

I just took two different sized embroidery hoops and spray painted the inside section from them.  The one that does not have the little screw thing in it.

Then I used a cute rainbow ribbon to hang it from the ceiling.  I weaved a bunch of fishing line between the hoops and through the middle of them to give something to hang the planes from.

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